Most of our products are manufactured in China. Typically these sizes run smaller than the United States and or European sizes, for this reason, we recommend ordering 1 to 2 sizes larger than your normal size.

About Ms. Lisa

A Blessing in Disguise 
How many times have you experienced the anxiety of exclusion or those frantic moments when trying to find a shoe to wear for that special occasion?
How often do you feel like you have to settle for what's not really your style simply because it's all that's available in your size?
I know exactly how you feel because I've been there. As a child I was taunted and teased for the size of my feet. In the 6th grade I wore a size 10 and by the time I reached middle school I wore an 11 and eventually a 12.  No matter how cute my outfit, those infamous denim tennis shoes were there to accompany it. They eventually earned me the name "Tennis Shoe Pimp" because I had to wear them with EVERYTHING. 
Ms. Lisa's became a vision for me during a telephone conversation with a girlfriend.  I was sharing with her my frustrations with trying to find fashionable, affordable shoes in my size and if most of you are like me, I would run from where the sun rises to where it sets to find a shoe and still come home empty handed.  It was at that point that my girlfriend commented saying, " Well Lisa, if you opened your own shoe store, your search would be over."
Ms Lisa's primary focus is to cater solely to women who wear sizes which extend beyond the "so-called" norm. Ms. Lisa's goal while not limited to providing variety through a broad range of styles in larger sizes and in the latest fashions is also to provide a genuine sense of pride in knowing that I have taken the time to recognize your existence by establishing a store that you can feel is exclusively yours.  
While we can't choose the size of our feet, we should be able to choose the style of our shoes and it's my belief that EVERY WOMAN should have selection without limitations.  
"Ms Lisa's Begins Where Department Stores End."
My Search is Over!